Water Experiments with Microsoft Kinect
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BASHIBA recognizes that some of the best ideas of the future come when we are not limited by the present.

BASHIBA Donka   29 January 2010: Moscow, Mossovet Theatre, Donka Première
BASHIBA Donka   29 January 2010: Donka BASHIBA Flickr SlideShow

TimeTrack 80 Cameras   22 January 2011: Hollywood | TimeTrack 80 Cameras .:. BASHIBA Flickr SlideShow .:. DigitalAir
LifeReplicator   22 December 2010: 3D Scanning above water with Microsoft Kinect
Zatoichi-e   17 October 2010: Zatoichi-e, Multimedia Performance .:. CDT .:. Wasabi
BASHIBA Panorama iPhone Control   06 July 2010: BASHIBA Panorama, Real-Time 3D Scene Rendering and Manipulation (via iPhone)
BASHIBA Mediatic Theatre   22 April 2010: BASHIBA Mediatic Theatre MetAquarium Experiment (YouTube)
BASHIBA Mediatic Theatre   22 March 2010: BASHIBA Mediatic Theatre Experiments (YouTube)  (Picture)
BASHIBA Persepolis Concept   04 October 2009: Oggimusica Festival. Real Time Video Synthesis for Persepolis, 8-channel tape,
composed by Iannis Xenakis in 1971 (YouTube stream of the BASHIBA concept)

For more details, please visit: persepolis-project.org
BASHIBA Expander   October 2008: BASHIBA Expander + MartinLogan CLX + Burmester Power Amp 909 (YouTube)
TIO interview   10 September 2008: Informatica è Arte TIO.ch interview  .:.  Pictures
BASHIBA Responsive Environment   September 2008: BASHIBA Responsive Environment, 3 Interactive Installations (YouTube)
Lateral Projections EIKI LC-XT5 projectors, central projection EIKI LC-X80.
BASHIBA Vitality   September 2008: BASHIBA Vitality (YouTube stream)   BASHIBA Vitality Explained (YouTube)
BASHIBA vvvv Reality   February 2008: Milano, a vvvv patch for distorting reality!
In this case, the video imagery is digitally processed and "augmented" by the addition of
computer-generated graphics and real-time video effects (YouTube)

SPIRITUAL DE-KRYPT Philosophy   May 2007: Immersive Environment at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lugano, Switzerland.
SPIRITUAL DE-KRYPT stages a metaphor of the opposites, absence and presence,
contemplation and participation linking the first to an environmental frame,
and the second to the visitor's movements.

BASHIBA develops ideas into concepts. Some of those concepts survive to become products. The transition from Cool Idea to Powerful Concept to Must Have Product requires constant nurturing and constant exposure to constructive feedback.
July 2007: A live, self-generative financial TV channel that is inspiring, beautiful, informative, relaxing and permanently changing. Once the stock market opens, our 3D simulation comes to life, and TV viewers can "breathe" financial information 24 hours a day. In September 2008, we had the pleasure to show BASHIBA TV to the members of the Swiss Futures and Options Association.

August 2005: There are currently 100 million Wi-Fi users worldwide and 95 percent of laptops sold today have built-in Wi-Fi capability. Handhelds like the Palm, the Pocket PC and last generation smartphones come with Wi-Fi connectivity. To find public wireless LAN areas is not always easy. It would be very useful to have a watch that would vibrate when walking through a public hotspot.

November 2004: Emotuner is a system that allows information regarding a user's emotional state and emotional profile to influence his or her interaction with electronic systems.

July 2004: The natural evolution of network gaming: Meta-gaming and Meta-competition. What about making it possible for people to compete across different games? CrossPlay is a novel machine-like software system that allows players to compete across different games.

November 2004: After a difficult start, the new millennium gets under way when a program to identify and inoculate the entire world population is undertaken by the United Nations with the surprising support of the US.

October 2004: Genetically-modified food, the much-touted solution to the hunger pangs of third-world nations, has been noted for a side effect that white-coated scientists were not expecting themselves to have to fend against. There is increasing data that suggest GM food is helping to yield crop of a different kind ... the modified human.

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