what we do

Generative Films

audio/visual performances, audio-reactive films, immersive installations, interactive light & sound installations

Generative Art

inventing new forms of moving pictures, procedural environments, custom shaders and particle systems

Video Design

video for theatre, opera and large events

  • If I had seen nothing but the stunning Act IV sequence on board the ship headed for Tripoli, where the work of the other designers is joined by eloquent projections from Roberto Vitalini, I would have been able to go home content from the visual splendour.

    Richard Ouzounian

    Theatre Critic thestar.com
  • Saariaho's writing works best describing images like the ocean crossing, one of the most brilliant scenes in this production where light images are projected onto waving expanses of silk.

    Anne Ozorio

    Opera Critic Opera Today
  • From the opening moment where a shock of blue silk floats over the audience's heads to the stage we are in a kind of temporal limbo with psychedelic seascapes ultimately suggesting an eternal divide. What is so wonderful about Finzi Pasca’s work, assisted by Jean Rabasse (set), Kevin Pollard (costumes) and Roberto Vitalini (video), is that it opens up the poetic range of a score that has hitherto seemed overly static.

    Andrew Clarkco

    Opera Critic FT.com